Medical Grade Foam Technology™

The Foam Company are licensed manufacturers of Mammoth Medical Grade Foam™ mattresses.

Mammoth has a very clear vision: to provide relaxation, serenity and better living through the science of comfort.

Mammoth bring to the market cutting edge health products, using proven materials and advanced technologies derived from British healthcare, never before used in domestic beds or upholstery.


Exclusive Medical Grade Foam™ Technology

In clinical trials and independent testing, Mammoth’s Medical Grade Foam™ has been proven to improve sleep, deliver superior postural support and offer greater pressure relief than standard memory foam and sprung mattress surfaces.


Partnerships with Healthcare

Mammoth’s commitment to innovation, testing and product development has led to partnerships with leading UK health organisations, including the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Chiropractic Patients Association.

Mammoth spurs players

Loved by the Elite

Mammoth mattresses are slept on by everyone from children to the elderly, and RAF rescue teams to elite athletes. Many of the UK’s leading sports associations choose to work with Mammoth to help their members achieve the very best health benefits sleep can offer.