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SleepShaper Classic

We were one of the first UK companies to use visco elastic, or “memory” foams in our products back in 2006. There were no compromises on quality, and we were awarded Which? Best Buy awards in 2006 and 2008.

Since that time, many other manufacturers have used these materials, but in an effort to offer cheaper and cheaper products, have used much lower quality materials, and have even added “fillers” such as chalk, to “bulk out” their foams. Some of the foams currently called memory foams, barely have any memory properties at all.

The SleepShaper Classics range only features memory foams of a minimum 60kg in density. You can be confident that you are purchasing quality, filler free product.


SleepShaper Features

HD Memory Foam

Our High Density Memory Foams are some of the best on the market. We know the better the Foam, the more comfort you will feel. Great materials mean a great product.


Unlike other cheap imitations, Outlast has been proven to reduce temperature fluctuations, AND lower humidity, something that other products do not do.


All of our products are proudly made in the UK. We hand finish each and every item which leaves our manufacturing base. We go the extra mile so that you feel the benefit.

SleepShaper Gold

Vystex, exclusive to SleepShaper is the next generation of visco elastic, or memory foams.

Many manufacturers simply focus on whether a memory foam is “cool” or not, and often forget that support is equally as critical. After all, concrete is pretty cold, but you wouldn’t want to sleep on it night after night!

We have proven through testing that Vystex dissipates heat 47% faster than standard memory foams. This is because of a secret ingredient which means that the material does not need heat to work. Compare that to most memory foams on the market – when they are cold, they are very firm and take a while to soften. Place a sample of standard memory foam and Vystex in a fridge, and see the difference!

In addition, we have also proven that Vystex offers significantly higher pressure relief than standard memory foam, due to its 72kilo density. This will mean less tossing and turning, and less aches and pains – leading to a better nights sleep!


SleepShaper Features



Adaptive fabric lowers humidity and increases cooling

Vystex Foam


70 Kilo in density for greater support, pressure relief and durability.

V-Max Health Technology


Does not react to heat, and proven to dissipate heat 47% quicker than standard memory foam.